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Offering diagnostic medical ultrasound to your patients doesn't mean that you have to make a $100,000 plus investment in buying or leasing equipment and hiring an employee to operate it.

With Professional Ultrasound Imaging's mobile service, you can offer your patients today's most advanced digital ultrasound equipment, and skilled sonographers to operate it, in the convenience of your office.

This can quickly and easily be done at no cost to your practice. And if you or a colleague are qualified to interpret your own ultrasound examinations, even greater revenues can be realized.

PUI offers ultrasound service for the following modalities:

  1. Echocardiography
  2. Vascular (Carotid and Peripheral)
  3. Abdominal
  4. Obstetrical
  5. Gynecological
  6. Urological
  • By the day, week, month or bi-monthly in your office.
  • A convenience to your patients. No driving to an alternate location.
  • No waiting in lines and filling out additional paperwork and no delays in the ultrasound reports.
  • No cost to your practice to begin offering professional ultrasound service.
  • Medicare and Medicaid participating provider.



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